A G&R Apprenticeship is unlike no other, our vast range of work allows you to learn everything from Domestic through to Commercial electrical work. Working with our apprenticeship provider JTL it provides young people a fantastic opportunity to become an electrician. Its important that you register with JTL before applying for an apprenticeship at G & R, as without your registration number we are unable to offer you a position with us. Please click on the JTL logo found at the top of this page to be directed to a registration form.



Willem Manual

4th Year


Alex Godman

3rd Year

Kai Hardcastle.jpg

Kai Hardcastle

3rd Year

Dan Shemwell.jpg

Daniel Shemwell

3rd Year

Dom Ingram.jpg

Dominic Ingram

Final Stages

Sam Stephens.jpg

Sam Stephens

Final Stages

Oliver Sheffield.JPG

Oliver Sheffield

4th Year

Cameron Storey.JPG

Cameron Storey

Apprentice of the year 2019

4th Year

Max Coates.jpg

Max Coates


4th Year


Ciaran Lumb.jpg

Ciaran Lumb

2nd Year

Matthew Scully.jpg

Matthew Scullion

3rd Year

Adam Gibbons.jpg

Adam Gibbons

3rd Year